Australian Perspectives is established at a time when political and social systems seem to be in chaos nearly everywhere in the west. Whatever post-WWII international equilibrium we had – albeit under tension – has been shattered and even institutions of centuries-standing now are under more threat than ever before.  At the same time, internal turmoil within western nations has placed local institutions at risk, the political state, the university, the very cohesion of society itself.

This website has been established by a private Australian citizen and is intended to be both another new voice and an outlet for other voices in an age where we need as many as possible to illuminate the world as it is. With the precise dangers it now faces it will always be looking for a way forward.

When, increasingly, segments of society become more and more polarised, legacy media and other information channels can crowd out smaller, less connected members of the community. As the internet has risen to circumvent the incidental or designed limitations, that position has not remained stable. Now we can see increasingly-obvious attempts to limit access to and the reach of the internet itself, an awareness of the potential for increasing authoritarian tendencies demands opposition by the independently-minded. This website intends to continue that fight and to never surrender to that pressure.

Inspiration for the blog and its thrust comes from many sources. While the political and social outlook of the owner has varied over the decades (Churchill had ideas about the change from youth to maturity of thought), the foremost catalyst and direct inspiration for this web site has been the late Andrew Breitbart – perhaps even his words –  “That is a really good story idea and you’re the one who should write it”.

Taken from us far too early, his death created a huge hole, not filled by the many who were – and are being now – inspired by his example. His 2011 autobiography, Righteous Indignation is a brilliant explanation of his intellectual travels and turning points to get where he was at the time of his death and is extremely relevant today. Strengthened by his ideas, many of the necessary exposes of the length and depth of the battle free people face when challenging the insider forces controlling our political and social discourse can be found within it. For ex-students of the late 1960’s like myself & remembering the prominence of Marcuse in those days, Andrew’s dissection of the influence of the Frankfurt School, plus his clarion call for rejection of its worldview, are some of the major thrusts of his thought about our social and political history which must be carried forward. His deep understanding of the left worldview and the dangers it poses to us in the west, is only reinforced by the light of the huge changes in the world since his untimely death.

In nations which are not so fortunate to have any equivalent of the American 1st Amendment for free speech, Spiked Online from Britain and the brilliant writers there are and will always be an inspiration. Spiked authors were early, consistent and leading voices fighting the horrendous British establishment attacks on free speech from 2011 onward and the attempt through the Leveson inquiry to return to the press licensing regime of the 18th century. They have not only led the fight for free speech and against these attacks, but also took the fight to the British campus where the new inquisition against free speech and the robust challenges to free thought and freedom of expression mirrors that of the USA and elsewhere in the west, not least in Australia.

Other guides can be gleaned over time and from the list of favoured web sites and blogs you will see on this web site. However, the attitudes and outlook seen here will always be based on the honest view of the authors and an intellectual honesty and consistency which is sought to be maintained always.

Australian Perspectives does not fear criticism. We welcome it. Following J S Mill in On Liberty, we need to know more than just our own ‘side’.


The owner of this site had over 40 years’ experience in the criminal justice system in Australia, a lawyer since 1994 (not practicing) and since 2004 an active participant on social media from Australia. A student of the 1960’s in Sydney, the owner has lived and been engaged in the whole political debates from those of the 1960’s until today and now, even whilst never being contained within any supposed definition but leaning towards conservatism, is not a member of any political party.